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Rupali Sea Foods Ltd. was established and went into operation in 1990. The Company is located at the south east corner of Bangladesh; this location has close Proximity to the all the suppliers.

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Our Products

We process a wide variety of frozen raw shrimps, cooked shrimps products, white fishes and other sea food products under strict HACCP Guidelines. Click below to view all Products.

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Our Facilities

    The factory is designed, constructed and maintained is such a way that to prevent external contamination and pest, followed USFDA and EU regulations.
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For fishery andaquaculture products originating in Bangladesh.

Reference Nunber: Q.C/ 171-289/1(5), Date: 01-07-2013
Country of Dispatch : Bangladesh.
Competent authority : Government of the people's republic of Bangladesh,
Department of Fisheries.
Inspection Department : Fish Inspection and Quality Control (FIQC) Khulna.
Type of Products : Frozen Seafood and Value Added Seafood with Cooked.

Call Us : +88 041 800230, Fax : +88 041 800229

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